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Bree Reinke

When it Rains

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"When it Rains" by Bree Reinke is a mesmerizing watercolor portrait that pays homage to the iconic Hayley Williams, drawing inspiration from Paramore's renowned photoshoot for their album "Riot!" This exquisite piece captures the essence of Hayley's enigmatic persona and the raw energy that has made Paramore an enduring force in the music industry. With a delicate blend of vibrant and muted tones, Bree Reinke skillfully brings this portrait to life, showcasing the singer's charisma and vulnerability in equal measure.

The painting's title, "When it Rains," serves as a subtle nod to one of Paramore's classic songs, adding depth and significance to the artwork. Whether you're a die-hard Paramore fan or simply appreciate the artistry of watercolor, this piece is sure to resonate with you. "When it Rains" not only captures the spirit of a musical era but also stands as a captivating work of art in its own right, offering a timeless connection to the emotions and energy that define Hayley Williams and Paramore. Bring the magic of music and art together into your space with this stunning portrait.

Frame Size: 10" width x 13" height

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