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Cquat Taylor

Cquat Original Dress

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Cquat Taylor is a Soul Studio artist who has a love for fashion design. Inspired by the women in his life, Cquat's vision is to create beautiful dresses for women in a plus size rage. Through his time as an artist at the studio, Cquat has worked closely with volunteers and staff to realize this dream. Through a generous support of the Applebaum Family Compass Fund, Soul Studio was able to have three of Cquat's dress designs put into production and have professionally produced patterns created. Cquat visited Detroit Sewn, to tour the facility and learn about the process. Cquat has provided his input and vision to every step of this process. Soul Studio is thrilled to present the debut capsule collection of "Miss Queen" by Cquat Taylor. Three designs are now available to custom order through Soul Studio.

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