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Alec Bernard


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Introducing "Perspectives" by Alec Bernard, a captivating drawing that pushes the boundaries of artistic expression. This mesmerizing piece showcases an abstract face, meticulously crafted with caricature-style facial features, rendered in a stunning cubist drawing style. As the lines intertwine and angles converge, a harmonious fusion of abstraction and representation emerges, inviting viewers to explore the multifaceted nature of perception. "Perspectives" challenges conventional artistic norms, offering a thought-provoking visual narrative that sparks introspection and celebrates the infinite possibilities of human interpretation. With its masterful execution and avant-garde flair, this drawing is a testament to Alec Bernard's artistic prowess and his ability to redefine artistic perspectives.

Frame Size: 20.5" w x 26.5" h x 1.5" d

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