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Devorah Newman

Bejeweled Sea Wall Hanging

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Devorah Newman's stunning decorative weaving, 'Bejeweled Sea,' is a mesmerizing tapestry that transports viewers to the depths of an enchanting underwater world. In this masterfully crafted piece, Newman showcases her expertise in weaving techniques, seamlessly blending various methods to bring forth a rich tapestry of textures and colors. The aquatic jewel tones she has chosen for this artwork evoke the mysterious allure of the sea, with deep blues, vibrant teals, and shimmering greens that mirror the depths of the ocean. Each section of the weaving employs a different weaving technique, adding complexity and depth to the composition. Some areas feature intricate patterns that mimic the delicate sway of seaweed, while others use open weaves to create the illusion of water currents. This dynamic interplay of techniques not only showcases Newman's technical prowess but also captures the ever-changing nature of the underwater world.


Weaving Size: 13" width x 68" height

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