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Alyssa Gold


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"Beads" by Alyssa Gold is a remarkable piece of artwork that showcases the artist's unique perspective and creative process. Encased in a sleek black cradle frame measuring 33.5" x 41.75", the artwork immediately draws attention to the central wooden board mounted within it. Against a pristine white background, vibrant splatters of teal, red, and yellow burst forth, creating a dynamic and energetic composition. The splatter style art exudes a sense of spontaneity and movement, inviting the viewer to immerse themselves in the artist's expressive world.

At the top portion of the frame, a wire gracefully extends across, adorned with an assortment of beads. These beads, meticulously placed by Gold herself, are a testament to her extraordinary talent and dedication as a visually impaired artist. Each bead holds its own unique texture, and Gold's signature activity of arranging them on wire allows her to explore and interact with art in her own distinct way. Connecting the wire are two abstract ceramic knobs, adding an additional element of tactile and visual interest. "Beads" not only showcases Gold's artistic prowess but also serves as a poignant testament to the power of creativity and determination in overcoming challenges.

Frame Size: 33.5" width x 41.75" height x 3" depth

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