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Alyssa Gold

Beads II

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"Beads II" by Alyssa Gold is a captivating artwork that invites viewers into a tactile exploration of textures and patterns. Housed within a sleek black cradle frame, the centerpiece of the artwork is a mesmerizing net-like pattern formed by meticulously strung beads. Gold's artistic process incorporates her unique perspective as a visually impaired artist, infusing the artwork with a distinct sensory experience.

The intricate arrangement of beads in "Beads II" includes a selection of custom handmade ceramic beads crafted by Gold herself. These ceramic beads add an organic and personal touch to the composition, contrasting with the orderly structure of the net. As viewers approach the artwork, they are encouraged to engage with their sense of touch, tracing the patterns and experiencing the varied textures of the beads. "Beads II" embodies Gold's artistic vision, highlighting her ability to create captivating and evocative pieces through her innovative approach to beadwork.

Frame Size: 41.5" width x 35.25" height x 2.5" depth

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